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    Nero CoverDesigner v23.5.1000
    File size: 178.05 MiB | Languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Português, Français, Русский, ...
    Create custom disc labels, jewel case inlays, booklets and much more for your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

    Nero CoverDesigner is a powerful application for creating custom cover elements such as booklets, inlays, and labels. Nero CoverDesigner supports cover elements for a wide range of disc types, such as CD jewel cases, DVD cases, multi-boxes, maxi CDs, slim packs, and more.
    Solid State Logic LMC Plus v1.0.0.11
    File Size : 27.5 MB

    Classic SSL LMC compression + new creative tools
    The LMC+ Plug-in brings a new and significantly enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor as originally found in the centre section of the legendary SL 4000E console to your DAW, with a range of new creative tools for artists, producers and engineers.
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    Native Instruments Maschine v2.14.2 (x64)
    File Size : 283 MB

    The new version is completely redesigned, Drum Synths, mixer, etc. NEW audio engine sound engine MASCHINE 2 now allows you to add unlimited groups and inserts effects MASCHINE powerful set of features. Multicore support ensures that your computer will handle all this in parallel with the processing of ultra high - even when using the software as a VST or AU plug-in module. New audio engine now also supports side bindings for sidechaining, for classic ducking effects and more .. MASCHINE a revolutionary system for creating grooves tactile creative bit-making organization of recognized sound library Kontakt 5 any other VST, VSTi library.
    KORG TRITON Extreme v1.0.0
    File Size : 367 MB

    The last masterpiece of the 20th Century, revived after 20 years.
    A perfect reproduction of the TRITON workstation in software.
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    KORG miniKORG v1.0.0
    File Size : 522 MB

    The Origin of the KORG Synthesizers is Revived in Software: miniKORG 700S
    At the beginning of the 1970s, many compact monophonic synthesizers appeared on the market. However, most of them were used mainly by famous musicians who could afford rare instruments or as research devices in the academic world. KORG wanted to give the average musician the chance to experience this new type of musical instrument. After much trial and error, the company’s first mass-produced synthesizer was announced in 1973: the miniKORG 700. With a simple appearance that belied its ability to produce diverse sounds beyond imagination, it charmed many musicians who loved its unique and thick tonal quality.
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    KORG Prophecy v1.0.0
    File Size : 27.1 MB

    The Revival of the 90’s Physical Modeling Sound. A Reproduction of the Prophecy in Software
    In the 1990s, PCM synths were at their peak, but club scene artists were already searching for a more flexible, analog sound, hinting at the coming analog revival of the 2000s.
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     CherryPlayer 3.0.8 Multilingual
    File Size : 23.1 Mb

    CherryPlayer is a unique multimedia player that combines all the benefits and advantages of a desktop player and the ability to play almost all types of streaming multimedia, such as video, audio, radio, and live broadcasts. Built-in categorized playlists from YouTube allow to be aware of everything that happens in the world of entertainment, sports, movies and more. With the ability to login to user's channel Cherryplayer becomes a real YouTube player.
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    GoodSync Enterprise Multilingual
    File size: 46.3 MB
    File Synchronization and Backup Software. Easily back up and sync your files with GoodSync. Our simple and secure file backup and synchronization software will ensure that your files are never lost.
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    PassMark MemTest86 Pro 9.2 Build 1000 Multilingual
    File Size: 10.3 MB
    MemTest86 is the original, free, stand alone memory testing software for x86 and ARM computers. MemTest86 boots from a USB flash drive and tests the RAM in your computer for faults using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns.
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    Telegram Desktop 2.1.10
    File Size : 25.7 Mb

    Telegram Desktop is a powerful, cross-platform messenger app that enables you to get in touch with other users without worrying about data interception and stealing. Focusing on security, it encrypts all conversations and shared files and stores them in the cloud, allowing fast synchronizations and quick access to the message database from anywhere in the world.
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    UVK Ultra Virus Killer Pro
    File size: 27.7 MB
    UVK is a powerful virus removal and Windows repair tool. With simple and intuitive interface, UVK allows users to detect and delete all types of malware and spyware from infected systems. It also includes lots of tools to repair windows after the disinfection.
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     Textify 1.7
    File Size : 0.5 Mb

    Have you ever wanted to copy some text from a dialog box which doesn’t provide such functionality?
    Textify was created to solve this problem: you can point your mouse over the text, click on the mouse shortcut (Shift + Middle click by default), and get a selectable view of the text.
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    Winaero Tweaker
    File Size: 2.4 MB
    Winaero Tweaker - universal tweaker software which supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11. The program includes tweaks for every version of operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Winaero Tweaker automatically detects the version of Windows OS you’re running and shows tweaks and customization options accordingly. The software can be installed as a portable app so you can take it with you as you move from one computer to another. ?
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    Easy Video Maker Platinum / Gold 10.36 (x64)
    File size: 91 MB
    All-in-one video editing software, Easy to Edit, Create, Make high quality 2D/3D Videos/Movies. Easy Video Maker is a powerful and easy to use video editor program that's sure to meet just about every one of your video creation needs. With Easy Video Maker, we can easy to edit, create, make high quality 2D/3D videos/movies from various video clips, pictures/photos, audios/musics, texts, lyrics, subtitles, etc.

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